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Engine Building Services

Engine Building Services

Engine Building Services

Custom Built and Racing Engines

We offer custom built to order engines for a variety of street, high-performance street and racing applications. In addition to our built to order engines, we also offer rebuilding of your engine, if that's what you'd prefer. From old school muscle, to high-tech... from OE replacement, to all-out racing... We build all our engines in-house to exacting specifications that are proven reliable in over 30 years of engine building.

What some shops call "options", we call standard... here are just two examples.
On ALL engines we build, we deburr the engine block, removing any casting flash that could break off, both inside AND outside:

Plus... we degree ALL cams installed using our DigiCam degree system, which maintains 0.1 of crank rotation accuracy, while calculating TDC, centerline and duration:

No fragile "trick of the week" stuff... we build RELIABLE horsepower, with typical maintenance of our Punisher engines measured in SEASONS, not the number of passes or laps.

A Note About the "Crate Engine" Craze:

Thinking of running a crate engine in your car? Lots of people these days are charmed by the perceived ease of using a mass-produced crate engine. If you're paying good money for an engine, make certain you're getting what you paid for...

For example; is the bottom end built with quality forged components, or is it simply a standard mass-production low-performance shortblock (with cheap sand cast pistons and "powdered metal" rods) that might (or might not) be fitted with an aftermarket cam and/or cylinder heads?

Do you get a build sheet, listing ALL of the clearances and parts used inside, or just a bunch of empty promises?

At Advanced Automotive, ALL of our engines are hand assembled to our exacting specifications, from our Cruiser series mild street engines, all the way up to our Punisher series racing engines.

In addition, a complete engine data sheet is provided with every engine we build (or rebuild), listing all internal clearances and all parts used in the build.

When you're ready for real horsepower AND quality... make the Advanced choice! Click here or call us at (239)-573-9933 to contact us for your "dream engine" today!